Office Cleaning Services in Newmarket & Surrounding Areas

Office area Cleaning Richmond HillOffice cleaning services help your employees thrive during the day. Because, your work environment needs to be clean and healthy.

We vacuum, mop, disinfect and polish. We’ll remove waste, recycling, grimy smudges on walls and even little leftover lunch remnants that lurk under desks. Finger prints and phone germs will have vanished into clear air when we’re through!


Our Regular Service Cleaning Checklist for office areas includes:

  • All hard floors vacuumed and/or damp mopped to remove dust/debris and sanitize.
  • Vacuum any matting and high traffic carpeting. Wall to wall vacuuming weekly.
  • All garbage removed and garbage liners replaced when applicable.
  • Recycling removed to holding bin.
  • Desks damp wiped with disinfectant/cleaner (when desks cleaned off).
  • Interior glass spot cleaned and polished.
  • Walls, door handles, light switches, spot cleaned to remove finger marks and smudges.
  • Furniture dusted, vacuumed or wiped down.
  • As required: Dust all horizontal surfaces using dust cloth on wood and damp cloth of metal and plastic (i.e. wall features, furniture, desks, cabinets, window ledges).