Janitorial Services In Newmarket: Commercial Cleaning For Local Businesses

Is your office safe?

You may be quick to reply, of course it’s safe, but as a janitorial service provider, we see a lot.

We notice allergens that most people can’t. We spot mildew growth in places you’d least expect. We see bathrooms that appear fine on the surface but are cause for public health intervention.

Unfortunately, we also see the cause of high rates of sick leave. Whether you manage a large or small company, that’s a problem you can’t afford to have.

Operating a successful business starts with presentation. Whether you’re a small food service company or a sprawling commercial enterprise, clean facilities are a critical component of your commitment to great customer service. When a client enters your office, you want them to have the best impression possible because their experience can make or break your business.

But you already know that because at some point in your life you’ve experienced this scenario:

You walk into a cafe and notice mold on the windows, stained sofas, an overflowing waste bin, dirty washrooms void of hand soap, a few things in minor disrepair. And that’s just the surface. Such a sight doesn’t inspire much trust in the business, does it? And it doesn’t invite you to stay long either, who’d want to? You may question how well they value their clients if they can’t even keep their shop clean.


Why We’re One Of The Leading Janitorial Services In Newmarket

As one of the most highly trusted janitorial services in Newmarket and the surrounding area, we’re like the caretakers of a community. Our dedicated team delivers daily, weekly, and seasonal cleaning and maintenance to hundreds of local businesses. 

Providing an exceptional level of safe and sanitary janitorial cleaning services is our imperative, not just because we want to exceed a standard of hygiene but because we’re consumers too. When we enter a restaurant, a shopping mall, or a bank, we like to know that its surface cleanliness extends beyond polished table tops and nice-looking drapes. We feel better knowing that the door handles have been disinfected, the chair cushions laundered, and the toilets we sit on scrubbed to spotless.

Commercial cleaning involves more than just getting into the nitty gritty areas, sanitizing, and sprucing things up. Indeed, technique and process are critical elements of proper janitorial services; they’re the difference between mere wiping and hardcore scrubbing. Dust, mold, and hidden bacteria can create various health problems that contribute to absenteeism and threaten public health so they require careful and effective removal.

But many janitorial companies use budget cleaning products that are loaded with harmful chemicals and various allergens. They might tell you that those toxic substances are essential for a proper clean. But they won’t tell you that better, safer products exist because it costs them more money.

We don’t know about you, but we’d rather spend a little more on cleaning products that don’t make us sick. This is critical for people with allergies, asthma, or weak immune systems whose bodies don’t have the innate defenses necessary to prevent illness.

Like you, we also want to know that the cleaning products we’re in contact with are safe for us and the planet. That’s why we give our clients and their customers their first line of defense against sickness by using only ecologically-sound products that keep the air fresh too.


Our Key Commercial Cleaning Services

Hundreds of business in Newmarket and the GTA benefit from our signature cleaning services.

We go that extra step by attending to the small stuff that has a big impact, like refilling soap receptacles and changing toilet paper rolls (even though we know how much you love that task). We replace lightbulbs and make small(ish) repairs where necessary.

We handle those infrequent big cleans too, like indoor and outdoor window washing, carpet sanitization and steam cleaning, and other tasks on your seasonal cleaning roster.

And there’s more––we do the daily stuff that maintains the health and safety of your patrons, gives them a comfortable, clean-air environment, and upholds your company’s integrity. Our team of experts handle the sweeping, washing, polishing, dust removal, vacuuming, and other essential tasks so you can focus on running your business, clean and worry-free.

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