Commercial & Retail Washroom Cleaning

Washrooms Toilets Cleaning AuroraEvery inch of your washrooms will be immaculate and hygienic when we are through. Our teams specialize in the flawless disinfection of your office’s sanitation stations. Mirrors, sinks and fixtures will shine, garbages will be speckless and graffiti be gone. We perform this service in Newmarket and surrounding areas.

Our easy-care, environmentally friendly replenishment programs will keep your restrooms well stocked with fresh supplies of papers, hand sanitizers and soaps.

Our Regular Service Cleaning Checklist for Washrooms includes:

  • Toilets, urinals, sink to be sanitized inside and outside.
  • All chrome and mirrors cleaned and polished.
  • All cubicals cleaned and top dusted.
  • Doors and door frames cleaned.
  • Baseboards clean and dusted.
  • All garbage removed and replace garbage liners when applicable.
  • Floors swept and mopped with disinfectant.
  • Spot clean walls, light switches and doors.
  • Kick plates cleaned and remove graffiti.
  • Replenish supplies as needed.
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Air vents cleaned monthly.