Lunch Room & Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Lunch room CleaningIf you have commercial space in Newmarket and surrounding areas contact us today. No one wants to eat in a dirty space. Ensure that where your team recharges is clean and healthy.

Our Regular Service Checklist includes:

  • Tables, chairs and matting moved to sweep and/or vacuum removing dust and debris, ensuring edges are cleaned.
  • Vacuum any carpet floor and matting.
  • All garbage removed and replace garbage liners when applicable.
  • Remove recycling to holding box.
  • Remove finger marks on doors, walls, etc.
  • Chairs placed around tables to give tidy and organized impression.
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces using dust cloth on wood and damp cloth of metal and plastic.
  • Wipe tables, counters and outside of fridge using disinfectant cleaner.
  • Clean outside of fridge with a disinfectant cleaner and inside monthly.
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen sink.